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Vancouver Small Business Stories

EMBERS Ventures has helped over 750 entrepreneurs achieve small business success through our Build A Business and Grow A Business programs. These small business owners have gained the skills, confidence and resources required to become self-sufficient, members of the thriving Vancouver small business community and contributing to its success. Here is what our graduates have to say about our programs:

Kim Roberts, Grounded Foods

“Tired of cereals full of filler that left me feeling unfulfilled, I took matters into my own hands and began making my own. Grounded Granola is a Vancouver-based grain-free granola that’s plant-based, incredibly low in sugar, paleo and completely gluten and grain-free. Since working with EMBERS, I’ve learned how to create and manage my budget, cashflow and set realistic and achievable goals. Having monthly meetings at EMBERS helps me stay on track and be accountable, which isn’t always easy to do running your own business. Thanks for all your support!”

– Kim Roberts, Grounded Foods
Melissa Nkomo, Owner of Kunye

“With the guidance of the EMBERS program, I’ve been able to elevate Kunye from a vision to a business. Johanna has helped me focus my attention on the operations and strategy behind the business, and direct my growth towards my long term goals.”

– Melissa Nkomo, Kunye
Bryan Sutton, Copperhead Creative

“EMBERS Ventures is 100% the reason why we are doing what we’re doing now. If we didn’t find the Build A Business course, I would still be trying to figure out my career direction. The course’s timeline is condensed well and the instructors and students are very welcoming. It was where I learned that my original business plan was not going to work, where I realized that my current business plan was going to work. Build A Business is worth taking.”

– Bryan Sutton, Copperhead Creative
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Talia Garner Healing Tree Massage Studio

“I found out about the EMBERS Grow A Business program through a friend that is in the program. I felt that it would an incredible program to help me launch into an expansion of my business. It has helped bring back my enthusiasm in running my business. I am totally convinced of the exceptional value and experience it provides. I feel like I’ve been catapulted into the right direction of where I wanted to take my business next and I am so grateful that I’m being mentored by a wonderful team of top professionals that are sharing their passion and knowledge with me. I feel very fortunate for this opportunity and I look forward to learning more!”

Deb Chaney

“Before working with EMBERS and the Grow A Business Program I was working really hard on my business and had a lot of plans and ideas, but I was having a hard time turning them into a reality. Working one-on-one with my coach helped me put a map down on paper, and make several key decisions which will help take my business to the next level. One thing that I really admire and appreciate about the Grow A Business Program is that my coach and I are creating a 3-month follow up plan so that I still have someone to check in with regarding the future development of my business. I am very blessed to be part of this program. Thank you Guy and thank you EMBERS.”

Deb Chaney, Contemporary Abstract Artist
Small Business EMBERS Ventures Grow a Business Ayira Heart Counselling

“I reached out to EMBERS because I had heard how great and accessible the business programs were. I am very confident and talented in what I do but felt challenged by the business aspect of my small business. I got accepted into the Grow A Business Program and Guy was fantastic in helping me get an overview of what I had in place already and what I needed to focus on. He set me up with Steve who was the perfect consultant for me in that he was challenging and flexible. I think EMBERS is a huge resource in Vancouver for helping individuals make their dreams come true. They are a hub of extremely talented individuals who just give people what they need to succeed. The right support, the right information and community whose culture is all about making ideas flourish and individuals independent. I felt that EMBERS believed in me and had the right resources to support their belief that I can have a successful business.”

– Ayira Heart, Ayira Heart Counselling
Stephanie Menard

“In the four years that I did creative schooling I learned nothing about operating a business. EMBERS opened up that part of my brain, helping me to realize that I can be an artist and a small business owner… and that I can do both successfully. With the help of EMBERS and cash plan programs, I have thrived and through this — Tiny Finery also helps other small businesses grow by selling their products and mentoring vendors just starting out”

– Stephanie Menard, Jeweler (Fibre Manipulator)
and Small Business Owner (Tiny Finery)