Offering Hope and Self Sufficiency

EMBERS – A Community Economic Development Charity in Vancouver

EMBERS (Eastside Movement for Business & Economic Renewal Society) is a Vancouver-based charity focused on community economic development. EMBERS works to combat poverty and assists in the revitalization of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside through social enterprise and community-based business development. Our mission is to empower people living on low incomes to be economically self-sufficient and develop productive futures. We help thousands of people each year access work opportunities, training and support through our three main initiatives:

EMBERS Staffing Solutions is Canada’s only award-winning temporary staffing agency and social enterprise that connects companies with workers.
EMBERS Ventures provides business training programs and coaching services to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
EMBERS Eastside Works helps people in the Downtown Eastside make connections to the world of work, earn income, and improve their livelihoods.

Our History

The EMBERS story begins with a passion for assisting and encouraging community engagement in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The EMBERS mission was developed as a response to announcements from the City of Vancouver and other stakeholders to revitalize Vancouver’s inner city.

The importance and necessity of resident’s engagement during this planned transformation was not lost on community leaders; they committed themselves to building a partnership with residents to re-engage the area to its past economic prominence. After more than a year of research and consultations with inner-city residents, EMBERS was officially established as a community economic development charity on August 31, 2001.

EMBERS began its services by offering training programs for budding entrepreneurs, and since then, has grown to offer a number of employment services inclusive to inner-city residents and the larger community of Vancouver. True to its roots, EMBERS remains in the heart of Vancouver in the Woodwards building in the Downtown Eastside; a building that offers a friendly reminder of the past and inspires hope and inclusive revival of the heart of Vancouver.

Embers Charity Vancouver Woodwards