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EMBERS Eastside Works
Income Generation in the Heart of the Downtown Eastside

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EMBERS Eastside Works is an income generation hub located in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. We help people improve their livelihoods by:

  • finding part time and flexible work opportunities.
  • accessing training and support.
  • connecting to their community and local workforce.

Our goal is to help people make connections to the world of work, earn income, and move along the Income Generation Continuum:

Ultimately, we aim to help people move forward in their lives.

We do this by partnering with businesses, non-profit organizations, and other agencies to create meaningful opportunities for people to generate income, increase their skills and improve their livelihoods.

EMBERS Eastside Works is an innovative project that is part of the City of Vancouver’s Community Economic Development Strategy. The City is providing $275,000 in funding to support program development, operations and rent in the project’s first year.

At Eastside Works, we offer a number of programs and services:

Local Job Opportunities
Helping people find local, flexible employment options.

Odd Jobs
Developing “odd job” or casual labour positions with agencies, social enterprises and businesses in the Downtown Eastside.

Offering a robust and connected volunteer honourarium program.

Social Enterprise Development
Identifying social enterprise opportunities and assisting in their development.

Referrals and Database
Developing a centralized database for income generation activities.

Offering hard and soft skill certified training programs.

Self-Employment Training and Mentorship
Providing self-employment training and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Retail and Maker Space
Providing a maker space and retail area for entrepreneurs.

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Why Eastside Works
Currently 39% of Downtown Eastside residents have no employment income and 40% are low income.

Despite these statistics, we know that many people are already working in informal jobs that are unrecognized, unpaid or “under the table”. Other people have the capacity and willingness to work, but don’t know where to begin or how to connect to the job market or other productive activities.

At Eastside Works, we aim to:

  • Connect residents with opportunities to earn supplemental income.
  • Provide services and opportunities (jobs, volunteer placements, training and more) to anyone looking to get started and connect to the world of work.
  • Encourage legitimate earnings and replace illegal activities such as drug dealing and theft.
  • Use inter-agency coordination to build effective programming and a referral system.
  • Collect data and do research to inform government income and employment policy.

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