Lighting the Way for People and Community

EMBERS, the Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society, is a social enterprise and registered community economic development charity located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Since 2001, EMBERS has helped thousands of people facing barriers to work lead productive, fulfilling lives by offering economic and employment opportunities – including job placements, training and support. Learn More

What's New?

Worker Finds a New Place to GrowSep 17, 2018

Linnie came to EMBERS after hearing about it from friends. Linnie was a LPN in the States, and was a cook was in the Navy. Now, he's ready to move ahead and grow his career! Learn more about Linnie's experience with EMBERS.

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The EMBERS 10th Charity Golf Tournament Was a Success!Aug 02, 2018

Another year, another successful Charity Golf Tournament! Check out the feel-good highlights of the day, and join us as we thank our amazing supporters.

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Worker Finds a Fit in Non-Profit Temp LabourJul 17, 2018

Michel came to EMBERS after completing a recovery program at UGM. His desire to work matched well with EMBERS Staffing Solutions' unique approach to temporary labour. Now, he's more motivated than ever to move ahead in his career! Learn more about Michel's experience with EMBERS.

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