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We are Canada’s
Only Socially Responsible Temporary Staffing Company

Looking for Temporary Staff? Looking for Work?

Our experience as a leading Vancouver staffing agency, placing thousands of temp service workers with employers throughout the Lower Mainland, has allowed EMBERS Staffing Solutions to understand the needs of job seekers and employers and bring them together. EMBERS Staffing Solutions is Canada’s only non-profit temporary staffing agency, providing socially responsible temp services for companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality, reliable, professional workers that exceed their expectations, and to support our workers to improve their skills and advance their careers.

EMBERS Staffing Solutions was launched in 2008 as a means of reaching people in our communities that need help in transitioning back to work. As a temporary staffing company founded and based in Vancouver, EMBERS Staffing Solutions is focused on delivering a higher level of service to employers requiring temp services workers, while providing compassion and tangible supports to workers, including training.

Our candidates are talented, reliable and proven workers. We are here to help solve the temporary staffing needs of companies and create employment opportunities for those looking to enter the workforce. We are not just another temporary staffing company. We have a mission to educate, advise, and support our workers to succeed long-term and have helped many transition from temp services positions to permanent full-time positions within the companies we place them.

In 2013, EMBERS Staffing Solutions received international recognition by winning the Social EnterPrize Gold Award presented by Trico Foundation at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Calgary. We are Canada’s only socially responsible, non-profit staffing agency and provide companies with high-quality blue and white-collar temp services workers on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We provide temporary service workers in the following areas: Construction Labour, Special Events Staffing, Warehouse Staffing and Manufacturing Staffing as well as administrative positions and those in other sectors.