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Small business services in Vancouver

EMBERS Ventures offers small business services in Vancouver to help entrepreneurs build their business through expert training and advice. We help individuals develop a sound business plan, and will teach them how to progress from a small business concept to the creation and launch of the business they have been dreaming about. Our experienced instructors offer practical in-class training and 1-on-1 business coaching through our Build A Business self-employment program. The program provides flexible, affordable, accessible training that assists individuals to develop their business vision through hands-on skills and mentoring.

The Build A Business program is offered three times per year, Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 – 8:30 pm over a three-month period. Unlike many other self-employment programs, the EMBERS Ventures’ Build A Business program is available to everyone. Whether you are on EI and seeking a self employment program, or you just want to explore starting your own business, our small business services will help your business succeed.

Build A Business Course Outline

The Build A Business program provides small business help and is offered three times each year. The three-month course is split into 5 modules of workshops, each consisting of 4 sessions (3 hrs each) over a period of two weeks, as follows:

1) Entrepreneurial Mind – An overview of skills that entrepreneurs need to be successful, which includes small business help; with regard to decision making, visioning, time management, pitching their ideas and building a network.

2) Market Research – This is the foundation for all of the other modules and your business plan itself. It includes looking at three key areas: your industry, your target market (customer), and your competitors. There is a focus on looking at statistics, journals, and websites; and surveying your suppliers, potential customers and competitors.

3) Financial Management – This module will provide you with a means of forecasting your sales and expenses and tracking them against an established personal and business budget. You will also gain a better understanding of taxes and credit.

( 1 week break to conduct market research )

4) Marketing – This module focuses on the value and scope of marketing that is relevant to your business, including; clearly defining your product or service, pricing, promotions and packaging; and where you will offer your product or service. This module also covers customer service.

5 (a) Operations – This is the “doing” part of your business. What will the process be from finding a customer to creating the product/service, to delivering it to the customer, to getting paid? What risks are involved? What legal/licensing do you have to consider?

5 (b) Presentations – Entrepreneurs make short presentations to the class and to a guest panel of coaches, to describe where they have progressed in their business development.

6) Launch A Business – In addition to course materials and classroom time, the EMBERS Ventures Build A Business program also offers the Launch A Business Module, where participants are matched up with coaches to help them get their business up and running.

We strive to keep our program affordable, while providing the small business help that entrepreneurs need to get the right start. We are not funded by the government, and as such, we can open our doors to anyone that needs help – not just EI recipients.

The cost for our program is $50 per module ($250 for the entire course), however, those on a low-income will be eligible for a scholarship which reduces the fees on a sliding scale based on income level.

The Build A Business program is offered throughout the year.


How to Apply for Build A Business

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All classes and information sessions are held at our office, which is located in the Woodwards building at 111 W Hastings Street, Suite 310.

Please complete the Application Form. To complete the form electronically use Acrobat Reader: download here.

Please call us at 604-692-0781 or email us if you require more information.