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Since 2001, EMBERS Ventures’ Vancouver small business assistance programs have supported over 750 individuals and microenterprises to design, build and operate their own small businesses. We do this through our three main programs:

EMBERS Build A Business Program is a 3- month part-time course meant for those seeking to explore starting up a new venture or getting added skills to help them in an existing business.

EMBERS Grow A Business Program is a 4-6 month 1-on-1 program for those with an existing business that need some affordable and personal expert support with growing their business.

WorkBC Self-Employment Program is a 48 week intensive WorkBC Self-Employment Program. This program is offered to EI eligible individuals in the Vancouver Northeast, Downtown and Mid-Town Employment Catchment areas

Our programs are scheduled several times per year and provide self-employment and small business services through practical education, hands-on skills development and 1-on-1 support by qualified and experienced instructors, experts and mentors.

EMBERS Ventures is a core part of EMBERS (Eastside Movement for Business & Economic Renewal Society) a Vancouver charity organization focused on community economic development. EMBERS works to combat poverty and assists in the revitalization of Vancouver’s inner city, through self-employment, social enterprise and community-based business development.

We are not funded by the government, and as such, we can open our doors to everyone who needs help – not just EI recipients. Our programs are designed to be affordable and scholarships are available for low-income clients who qualify.

Whether you are just starting out and need help launching your new venture, or have been in business for a few years and need help reaching the next level, the EMBERS Ventures team has the expertise and passion to help.

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Client Story

Deb Chaney“Before working with EMBERS and the Grow A Business Program I was working really hard on my business and had a lot of plans and ideas, but I was having a hard time turning them into a reality. Working one-on-one with my coach helped me put a map down on paper, and make several key decisions which will help take my business to the next level.

“One thing that I really admire and appreciate about the Grow A Business Program is that my coach and I are creating a 3-month follow up plan so that I still have someone to check in with regarding the future development of my business. I am very blessed to be part of this program. Thank you Guy and thank you EMBERS.”

-Deb Chaney, Contemporary Artist

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EMBERS Ventures has helped over 750 entrepreneurs through our Build A Business and Grow A Business programs – How can we help you?