Lighting the Way for People and Community

EMBERS at a Glance

EMBERS Community Economic Development Work in Vancouver

EMBERS (Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society) was founded in 2001 as a social enterprise with a mandate to create economic and employment opportunities for people living on low incomes and to build stronger, sustainable communities. We are a community economic development Vancouver charity that supports individuals to develop productive futures, allowing them to gain confidence, build self-esteem and make a valuable contribution to the community.

EMBERS walks like a charity; runs like a business

EMBERS mission is to help people rediscover hope and self-sufficiency through the power of work. In service to our mission, EMBERS is proud to offer three successful job-creating social enterprises that each contribute to our community economic development work:

EMBERS Staffing Solutions, a social enterprise, gets people back to work through temporary and transitional jobs, acting as a bridge to full-time employment.
EMBERS Ventures helps low-income entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses and social enterprises in Vancouver.
EMBERS Green Renovations, a social enterprise, creates green jobs by providing sustainable renovation services to property owners.

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